Collection: Memories of Hyrule Collection

For many of us, the iconic Legend of Zelda games hold a permanent place in our hearts. Some of my most cherished memories from childhood include playing Ocarina of Time with my father. The Memories of Hyrule collection is an ode to this beloved and timeless series and is intended to hearken back to a simpler time. Each candle in the collection is meant to capture the spirit of Hyrule's vivid and diverse landscape, and to celebrate games old and new.

In addition to a re-imagining of our classic Lost Woods and Fairy Fountain scents, this collection introduces two new scents, Silent Princess and Epona's Song. All of the candles in the Memories of Hyrule collection are hand-poured into gorgeous amber glass vessels and finished with wooden wicks for a soothing crackle each time you light them up.

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